Our Speakers

Alyssia Osorio

Your Chart Ruler in Aspect: Activist Resources for Liberation
Your chart ruler (the planet that corresponds to your rising sign) is a driving force in the natal chart. In this presentation, we'll look at how aspects to your chart ruler can indicate tools you can leverage to support activist work, movement building, and showing up for collective liberation.

Amir Bey

Combining Composite and Davison Relationship Charts
When a Composite and Davison chart are calculated for a relationship, the Sun, Midheaven, and North Node of both charts are within 5 degrees of each other. Or, Venuses can be within 1 degree of opposition or conjunction; The Part of Union, derived from the Sun, MC, will be discussed.

Elmina Bell

Aries Chiron and Mars Retro: Navigating Psycho-spiritual warfare
The presentation will explore the healing interconnections of the Aries-Libra axis and the Virgo-Pisces axis to address individual and collective identity wounds. Tools to navigate emotional wellbeing and cultivate divinely inspired action will be offered. Ancestors who authentically utilized warrior energy for the liberation will be featured.

Ever Reese

Astrology & Race
Race and Astrology. In these dynamic times it is great and refreshing to get astrological racial profiles about people of color, from people of color. Alan Leo, Blavatsky, George all have had their say, Now, it is our turn to speak for our own astrologically.

Janay Anthony

Imperfect (Celestial) Bodies: Exploring Disability & the Planets
People have disabilities, and the planets do too! This lecture will conceptualize the planets in a way that better depicts the range of ability in the human experience. The goal is to gain less ablest associations with every planet and provide more inclusive interpretations.

Quan Tracy Cherry

Morning or Evening? Field or House? Negro, Please!
Venus Star Warrior or Lover? W.E.B. or Booker T? Malcolm X or MLK? Unapologetic or Assimilationist? Venus Star Point shows how you team up? The spectrum of confrontation of social mores vs 'going along to get along.